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Heed the Wind – Hardcover


Heed the Wind – Hardcover

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Go and be Free

I am so happy to present this last 1st edition hardcover copy of Heed the Wind  from one of the newest historical fiction authors. Wendy Dolch, nie Wendy Jean Rogers, has only ONE hardcover book left in stock. You want good historical fiction books…I know you do. If you like hardcover vs paperback, this is the book for you. Heed the Wind is good for young adult historical fiction, but all readers will enjoy the historical fiction adventure that it offers.

~ Synopsis ~

She lost her entire family. He destroyed his. Now the battle for redemption begins.

After her family and friends have all been lost, 18-year-old Staletta Burns struggles to survive on the streets of Victorian London. Her violin is her only tether to a world that has failed her. 
She finds work in a textile factory under the ownership of a cruel man known for beating his workers to the very brink of death.
Upon first sight of him, she knows she has met this man before, and if he recognizes her, he will surely kill her.
Fighting her fear of him, she must confront him.
But when she does so, she realizes they are not so different. Both have fallen farther than they would have liked.

Can either find redemption in this unforgiving world?

Christian Historical Fiction


  • 6 X 9
  • Hardcover book with dust jacket
  •  276 pages
  • Signed hardcover 1st edition
  • ISBN: 978-1-7341455-2-6

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