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Fear the Wind – Paperback


Fear the Wind – Paperback Copy

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Fear the Wind

~ Synopsis ~

This is not justice. This is corruption.

Pregnant and accused of high treason against the crown, an appointment with the gallows looms ever closer. But Staletta’s accuser will stop at nothing to see that she and her brothers, the white chimps from Ireland, are dead. Like crows coming to steal the harvest, assassins are at her door…

Fleeing London, Staletta seeks protection at the remote yet lavish country estate of Lord and Lady Hutchens. Her brothers, on leave from the army, are her only defense against the assassins that follow her there; and an undefeated and corrupt defense lawyer named Maxwell is her only hope for winning the trial.

But when Maxwell commands her to lie at the trial in order to win, she fires him. With no one to defend her, the black wings of the crows enfold her and the assassins strike again. If justice cannot prevail over corruption, the court will condemn her to the gallows and all hope of raising the child in her womb will be lost forever.

Christian Historical Fiction

  • 5 X 8
  • 486 pages
  • Paperback copy book
  • Signed paperback copy 1st edition
  • ISBN: 979-8-3894551-6-0

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