Capture the Wind – Paperback


Capture the Wind – Paperback

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Capture the Wind

~ Synopsis ~

Danger awaits in the heart of the jungle.

Stolen from her brothers as a child, Staletta May will not rest until she finds them.
Unable to read, she scans the library searching for the only words she knows: Peter and Paul Burns.
It seems an impossible task, until their names appear in a military muster roll.
She finds that they are stationed in India during the midst of the Rebellion.
Longing to be reunited, Staletta, with her husband Daniel, must go deep into the war-torn, disease-ridden, tiger-infested jungle in order to find them. 
How far will they go to capture the wind?

Christian Historical Fiction


  • 5 X 8
  • 486 pages
  • Paperback


  • Signed paperback 1st edition
  • ISBN: 978-1-7341455-3-3

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