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Author Signed Books – Heed the Wind

First, I am so happy to present author signed books from one of the newest historical fiction authors.  You want good historical fiction books! I know you do. If you like authors signing their books, look no further. Heed the Wind is good for young adult historical fiction, but all readers will enjoy the historical fiction adventure that it offers.

Available now in paperback, the Heed the Wind series will take you on an adventure to discover what it truly means to be free.

Against the backdrop of the Great Potato Famine, the Industrial Revolution, The Indian Rebellion, and an ever burgeoning religious cultural upheaval, Staletta must battle for survival. 

Delving deep into the coal fields of Liverpool, slaving in a factory, crossing oceans, trekking through jungles, locked in prisons, and left to wander the streets alone with nothing but a violin, Staletta longs for a place to call home, a chance to find her lost family and raise one of her own. 

A host of enemies seek to break her down and destroy her every hope, but with friends and family by her side, she is able to hold her head high, break free of the chains holding her back, and drive back the enemies at the gate.

The Heed the Wind Series comprises three novels that wander the depths of faith, test the boundaries of courage, explore the wilds, and teach what true justice really means.

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